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Turn off surge protectors when you go to bed...Tip#11

If you use surge protectors and you should or even power strips for your television, desktop computers, anything using electricity...Turn them off when you go to bed at night. Or better yet, when they're not in use.

The electricity used when they're not in use might be minimal, but it still costs you over the year. Every little bit helps when conserving electricity and saving money!

This tip can also apply to other electronics or appliances. Unplug your coffee maker unless you have it set on a timer, of course. I have also heard where someone recommended unplugging your microwave. I don't advocate this one...I need the clock on my microwave and I don't want to reset it every morning. {The pros didn't out weight the cons on this one. :( } I thought, however, that I should mention it just in case.

This is one of those tips that you have to remember to put into your routine. Once you have it worked into your routine, it will become easier to remember. {I know it's not always easy...I'm continuously working on this.}

So today's tip is;

Turn off surge protectors when you go to bed.

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