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Welcome to TIPsy Tuesday!!!

Welcome to TIPsy Tuesday!!!

EcOnomical Mom is home to TIPsy Tuesday...a place where you can share your own tips and tricks with everyone else here at EcOnomical Mom. If you have an idea or tip that helps save time, money, electricity, water...even your sanity, please link up!! Everyone would love to hear it. I'm all about being green and ecOnomical, but please don't feel that your tip needs to be. Just as my father says 'there no such thing as a stupid question', well...there's no such thing as a stupid tip. Every tip is unique, wonderful, and will help someone somewhere!! Thank you for visiting and for sharing.

Here are some brief guidelines for participating in TIPsy Tuesday...

  • Your tips must be family friendly! Nothing rude or obscene please.
  • {For those unfamiliar with using Mr. Linky} In order to submit your tip you will need to create a post in your blog. {It doesn't need to be a new post.} If you don't have a blog you won't be able to use Mr. Linky, but don't fret...just post a comment, including the tip, in 'Your thoughts and suggestions' at the bottom of the TIPsy Tuesday post.
  • When using the TIPsy Tuesday Mr. Linky please use the specific URL of you post, not just your blog. You can right click on the title of you post choose the copy link location. This will provide the specific URL.
  • Please mention TIPsy Tuesday in your post {though not required} and link back to it.
  • After you have linked your post, I would appreciate it if you would also leave a comment.
  • Also, feel free to use my TIPsy Tuesday banner. (Just right click and copy image location. Then use that link instead of uploading a picture. Or you could save the image and then upload the picture. Your choice.)
  • Sometimes I find posts on other blogs that I feel are really insightful or helpful tips and I will link to them. If you have been linked here and wish to be removed, please contact me.

Thank you for being a part of TIPsy Tuesday and sharing your knowledge.

If you're looking for the latest TIPsy Tuesday, click HERE.
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