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Use alcohol to disinfect.

Today's tip is one that I follow every day. angel I no longer buy the pricey disinfectant cleaners for my kitchen or bathroom. Okay, so I do keep a bottle of Green Works by Clorox (the dilutable stuff) in my closet. garupale BUT, I only break that out in dire situations where my other cleaning methods just didn't get the job done which is very rarely.
I cleaned out a used, empty bottle of name brand disinfectant and used that to hold my disinfectant solution. This way everyone still knows what it's for, there's no confusion, and I'm being ecOnomical reusing an old bottle!

The solution I use is about 45% alcohol and 55% water. Every now and again I'll spice things up by adding an orange or lemon peel. It adds a nice scent. I had someone ask me once why I didn't just use alcohol alone. Open a bottle of alcohol once and take a small wiff. Nasty smelling stuff and it dries too quickly. Using the 45/55solution, I can get everything cleaned and disinfected without using large quantities of cleaner or having a wet surface.

Some people choose to clean with just water. I have nothing against cleaning this way, I just prefer using alcohol along with the water. This way, I don't have water spots...the alcohol helps the water evaporate quicker.

I feel that I should add that I am referring to rubbing alcohol. There are people out there...

TIPsy Tuesday Week 14, 2009

Better late than never... I am finally getting TIPsy Tuesday posted. (I'm really trying to work on my time management skills.) Lately, besides catching up on chores, I have been busy with my gardening. Hence everything has been late.
around Sorry.

Anyway, I am going to do something new with TIPsy Tuesday. Participation so far has been minimal...I can's spring time and everyone is busy and TIPsy Tuesday is still fairly new. So, what I will be doing is adding some links that I have found useful. If you own the link that I have added and wish to be removed, please e-mail me with your request. {}

Also, you do not have to have a blog to add a tip...just comment the tip and use anonymous as your identity. TIPsy Tuesday (the Mr. Linky) is open normally beginning Monday evening to Sunday evening. For more detailed instructions, click here.

I can't wait to read everyone's tips!!! babai

Shidonni Review and Giveaway!!!

For the last couple of days, the first thing my son says when he wakes up has been "Can I play with Lakenosey?" This might not seem astounding to anyone except me, but it is. He only asks one of these three questions when he wakes up... 1) I'm hungry, what's for breakfast? or 2)Where's Daddy? or 3) It's not a preschool day is it? That's it...except for the past couple of days. Now you're probably wondering who Lakenosey is. fikir

Lakenosey is XR's animal that he drew on Shidonni. It's a red dinosaur that lives in a world that XR also created...and it 'came to life'. XR and Lakenosey along with his parents and grandparents have spent hours drawing, playing games, and completing star missions. But let's start from the beginning...

Shidonni is a (safe) virtual world for children ages 4 and older. Shidonni is based on creativity and imagination. I, along with XR, have spent hours days reviewing this site. Instead of writing everything out, I would like you to watch this wonderful video that Shidonni has but together. It will save you the time of reading all of my musings. Make sure your children aren't watching it with you...I would like you to finish reading and they will want to immediately go to Shidonni!

Isn't it a great video...everything summed up in two minutes. It would have taken at least ten to read everything that I wrote explaining the how's of Shidonni. (Just being EcOnomical!)
Now for what you didn't see or hear in the video...

Although you did hear one of the songs, I must tell you that I'm sold on all of the music. Every song that plays is engaging, yet still calm and very catchy! I also love that they kept with the creative theme and used drawings for the graphics. I need to tell you though, that when creating a world, you need to add as much color and images as possible. One of the games is a puzzle. The puzzle picture used is the world you create. I'm tell you this because when XR created his first world it was a green line for the grass and a small brown house. When it came time for the puzzle most of the pieces were plain white!

After playing a few games, it kinda bothered me that there were no actual instructions. I like it when, on a kid's website, the instructions are spoken to them. Everything explained upfront, especially for those who aren't able to read yet. There is very minimal instruction on Shidonni, e.g. , pictures of the arrow key pad blink when you need to use arrows or an arrow blinks when you need to choose your animal to play the game. That's about it though. I would like to see more instructions, however, my son had no problem. He played until he figured out what was expected. A parent's view vs. a kid's. And it does make them use their cognitive abilities. So, no real complaint, just an opinion.

The other aspect of Shidonni that I really value is that this world isn't based on money or competition. Kids aren't playing the games to earn money so that they can buy things or to see who is 'the best'. They are playing to play and learn! Although I am teaching my son about the value of money and being ecOnomical, I don't want money to be the center of his life. I want him to be a kid! For keeping money and competition out, I highly praise Shidonni.

Another reason Shidonni receives such praise from me is that Shidonni is a SAFE virtual world for children. Although they are able to invite friends, there is NO chatting involved in this world. And in order to invite a friend they have to know the exact name of their friend's character. They also have cute invitations that your child can print out to send an actual invitation to their friends. TOO cute!!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Shidonni, please read the following information.

Letter to Parents

Shidonni FAQ's

Shidonni White Paper

Now for the good news!!! Shidonni is free to register! Almost everything you have seen or read about Shidonni is FREE!!! Please go and register your child today! Would you like some even better news!?! Shidonni has offered one of my lucky readers a THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO SHIDONNI PRO!!!

Shidonni Pro give your child access to magical paintbrushes, stamps, extra colors, a wardrobe for their creation, a huge galaxy with loads of new worlds, extra music, and more!!!


Contest begins Monday, March 30 at 12:00pm and ENDS on Sunday, April 5 at 12:00am.

Winner will be posted in a separate post within one week of the contest's end.

Winner will be notified either by blog or e-mail and will have 4 days (96 hours) to claim their prize. Time begins when I post the winner.

If the prize is not claimed within this time frame, a new winner will be chosen. NO exceptions.

Entries will be entered into and chosen by I have NOTHING to do with choosing the winner.


1) Visit the Shidonni website, come back to this post and tell me what you liked or disliked about Shidonni. (This is required. If this step is not done, NO other entries will be counted!)
=5 entries

2)Join Shidonni (free version).
=20 entries

3)Follow my blog.
=10 entries

4.Add my button to your blog.
=15 entries

5)Post a link to this giveaway on your blog. Please provide the link to your blog.( I will be randomly checking!!)
=10 entries

6)If you don't have a blog... E-mail your family and friends the link to this giveaway. CC my e-mail address (If you don't CC my address, they will not count)
= 2 entries per e-mail

7)Twitter about this giveaway.(Please provide a link or your Twitter id.)
=10 entries

8)Add this to your Facebook status
=10 entries

9)List and tally all of your entries in one comment.
=15 entries

I really like the Shidonni music =5
I joined Shidonni...username Lakenosey =20
I already follow your blog =10
I already have your button =10
I posted a link about your giveaway =10/
or I e-mailed 5 people =10
I twittered about this giveaway =10
I added this giveaway to my Facebook =10
I have tallied the entries =15
For a grand total of 100 entries.

And if you don't have a child that could use would be a great gift for a grandchild, niece or nephew, or a friend's kid!!

Buying generic or store brands.

EcOnomical Tip #13...

Today's tip is short, sweet, and very simple... I have an overwhelming amount of chores that I have to get finished ...and can potentially save you lots of $$$!
Some people out there swear by name brands and that's all they'll buy. I'm not discouraging this...there are certain foods of which I will only buy a specific name brand. (Like peanut butter and stuffing.) However, there are many items that I will buy the generic or store brand. In doing this, I save at least a dollar or more per item. That adds up to a lot of savings over the year!

So my EcOnomical Tip of the day is: Buy generic or store brand items...when possible.

TIPsy Tuesday is back!!

Hello everyone!!! Long words. I am starting back up with TIPsy Tuesday...sorry for it's absence!
I know it has been awhile since I have posted any tips, but I will be starting them again tomorrow. My life will be back to normal by least as normal as it ever was!

Hopefully everyone has a tip to share this week!!! If you have any questions about the how-to's of TIPsy Tuesday, please click on this link. As always...if you do not have a blog, please use leave a comment and use anonymous as your identity.

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's wonderful tips!!

Menu Plan for week 13 of 2009!

I realize that some of you may believe I had fallen off the face of this beautiful planet. My apologies...
I have been away for the past three weeks enjoying myself in the warm Florida sun and my internet time was extremely limited. Have no fear though...I am back.
senyum It will still be a day or so until I can get my tips started again. It's amazing how much house work can accumulate. I am just now getting my meal plan finished. Better late than never! I had to go through and take inventory of what food we had in the house...
fikir I wish I had a grocery scanner device at my house. I could scan everything in when I brought it home from the store and then scan the item again when I use it. A constant, updated inventory of what is in my house! tepuktangan Okay...someone out there probably makes some device that does this. If you know of this device contact me! Not that it would be in my budget, but I would LOVE to do a review of one!
Anyway, enough daydreaming...

Here is my meal plan for this week.

Dinner: Beef Smoked Sausage with pork stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and peas.

Dinner: Herbes de Provence chicken tenderloins with white rice and green beans.

Dinner: Venison steaks with roasted garlic potatoes, black eyed peas, and broccoli.
Dessert: ?

Dinner: Pasta night

Lunch: Steak-um sandwiches and FF.
Dinner: Mexican Skillet meal.

Lunch: Left Overs Lunch
Dinner: Lasagna with a salad.

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.
Dinner: Herb crusted Fish fillets with parmesan cheese couscous and cauliflower.

TIPsy Tuesday for Week 11 of 2009

Hi Everyone!
It's time for TIPsy Tuesday again. I know that I haven't been posting any tips lately and I apologize. I am on vacation
menari and I haven't had the opportunity to get onto the internet. I'm lucky to get this post up!

I will get started back with the tips next week. Enough of my is Mr. Linky!

Kreative Blogger Award.

I have kindly been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Coco at Frugal in Paradise. If you are into saving money and finding great deals...check her out!

With this award, I am to name 7 things/people that I love. love

1. My son XR and everything we do together.
2. My husband.
3. My family...and it's a large extended family.
4. My know who you are!
5. Blogging
7. Being EcOnomical and finding a great bargain.

The 7 blogs that I nominate are: (these are in no particular order)

1. Why is the House a Mess?

2. Green and Frugal Living

3. 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven

4. I became my mother

5. Saving with Sara

6. Bargain Becky

7. Frugal Plus

All of these blogs are very deserving blogs!!!
sembah Check them out! (PLEASE)

TIPsy Tuesday for week #10 of 2009.

Once again, I apologize for it's lateness!

If you are new to TIPsy Tuesday, please visit this post to view the how-to's. If you do not have a blog or a blogger account, you can still leave a comment using anonymous.

I can't wait to see all of the wonderful tips.

My absence...

I have read where you should not apologize on your blog for your absence. I, however, feel that I owe everyone an apology. My son and I were to leave for vacation last Monday morning. As most of you know at least those of you living on the east coast, the weather was horrible, so we changed our flight and left early. We made it safely to Florida very late Sunday evening. To make a long story short... besides being very busy for the first few days, I was also without the internet until yesterday.

I apologize, please forgive me.
doa And thank you for your patience!

P.S. I will be putting TIPsy Tuesday on today and leaving it on until the next TIPsy Tuesday.

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