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How to make homemade pancakes.

A few posts ago I explained how to make your own baking mix. Today, I will give you the recipe for making pancakes using that homemade baking mix. Without further ado...

  • 2 cups Homemade Baking Mix
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 2 eggs
Combine and mix all ingredients until smooth.

Thaaaat's alll folksss!!

It's an extremely simple recipe and very easy to make! It's also easily enhanced. My family likes buttermilk pancakes. So instead of using milk...I substitute 1 cup of water and 4 tablespoons of buttermilk mix. (You can find buttermilk mix at most grocery stores in the baking isle.) This recipe is also good with frozen blueberries, fresh raspberries, or chocolate chips.
love The possibilities are endless!

This recipe at least for me is what I consider thick. If you enjoy thin pancakes, you may want to add more milk. Enjoy!

TIPsy Tuesday for April 28, '09

Good Morning Everyone! I'm glad you could join me. If you are new to TIPsy Tuesday, please read this page first and welcome!

I am going to KISS my tip today. {Keep It Simple Sister!} My poor little guy just got over his cold and is now sick, sick.

The wonderful weather we've been having has inspired me to share this tip...

Hang your clothes outside to dry!

It not only saves electricity, but it gives you a breath of fresh air too. senyum I can't wait to read everyone's wonderful tips. Have a good day!

Menu Plan for week 18.

A little venting before I give you my spring-simple menu. We have been supposedly getting our roof redone for over three weeks now!! It's not just that rain that has been causing delays!
We had to take XR to get his new cast on today which is why this is so late. The contractor was supposed to be here early
gelakguling8am. Due to delays and I'll call it difficultiestensionJ wanted to talk to him before we left. Long story short, the contractor is, now, supposed to have a crew of 4 to get the roof finished in 2 days...before the rain comes again. He shows up today at 8:10 ALONE! {Taking a deep breath...} After J talks to him and he explains that due to more difficulties, the rest of the crew will be there by noon. We leave, have a good day, and return around 5...Only to find that NO ONE is here and NOTHING has been done!!!marahtensionmarah
Normally I am a understanding person, but this has been going on THREE weeks now! Seriously people, get your act together!! I am lucky to have a husband who is great at almost everything. If something breaks, he can fix it. If we want something built or remodeling done, he can do it. I have never had to deal with contractors before and thankfully, will never deal with one again! I hope!doa My heart goes out to everyone out there who is dealing with a contractor that is constantly having difficulties!

Thank you for letting me vent. Now for this weeks menu. Once again, it is very simple and allows me to get meals on the table in minimum time. The weather is just too beautiful to stay inside cooking and cleaning! And I'm running behind already in my gardening.putuscinte

Lunch: Eating out.
Dinner: Cheeseburger Pie w/ carrots.


Dinner: BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Dinner: BLT Sandwiches.
Dessert: Going to Hershey has made us hungry for chocolate, so I will be choosing a recipe from my Hershey's Chocolate Treasures cookbook!love

Dinner: Pasta night

Dinner: Roasted Turkey, potatoes, & veggies.

Lunch: Left Overs Lunch
Dinner: Pigs-in-a-blanket, Mac-n-cheese, & cauliflower

Lunch: Grilled Cheese w/ tomato soup
Dinner: Mexican Skillet Meal

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

How to make your refrigerator more energy efficient (Step #5)

The placement of your refrigerator is an important factor in it's energy usage. Now, I realize that you may not have the option of moving your fridge. If you don't, then just follow my other steps. There's nothing you can do about it. However, if you're building a new home, remodeling, or are just lucky, then you should keep in mind the 'heat factor'. Common sense hopefully tells us that the hotter it is, the more the fridge will need to work. Now I know most of you have the kitchen's room temperature in mind. pokpok Yes, that's one them, but there are three that you should be concerned about. Can you think of them? Good.

I know people who are concerned about the room temperature in their kitchen, yet they put their fridge right next to the stove! adusOkay, maybe their common sense went on a vacation.garupale To me, this screams INEFFICIENT!!! But...that's just me and may be why you read my blog, so you can be more energy efficient. I'll do the thinking for you, and you can use your energy on something else. Hey, works for me!!

Anyway, there are three main sources of heat in your kitchen.

  1. The Stove/Oven
  2. Sunlight
  3. Your home's heat source

While there isn't a whole lot that you can do about the actual room temperature, there is concerning the sources of heat. I've read where experts say it won't make a difference in your electricity bill if your oven and fridge are placed side by side. Refrigerators and ovens are insulated, yes. But as to the 'experts' opinion, I beg to differ! {Please keep in mind that I am not, by any means, and 'expert'!} I am, however, able to say with certainty that there could be a change. And it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Now, I can't tell you where you should place your fridge. It's your kitchen, not mine. But I can tell you where you shouldn't...and that is near a heat source.takbole The first thing to look at is the placement of your oven. I suggest having at least a few feet of distance between the two...the further the better! The second thing to consider is where the sunlight shines in your kitchen. Try to avoid placing your fridge in direct sunlight. If your kitchen's like mine, there isn't a spot that doesn't get direct sunlight at some point in the day. Last, you need to consider where your home's heat source is, be it a register, duct, or whatever you have. Avoiding this can be tricky unless you're able to design a new kitchen. Once again, the further apart the better. And don't forget the kitchen triangle!kenyit

A toothbrush my son will actually use!?! Review and Giveaway (Closed)

Now that I have your attention, let me start off by saying that when they sent me the Dr. Fresh Firefly toothbrushes to try, I was very skeptical. They looked wonderful to me, but this was my son we're talking about! XR hates brushing his teeth. merajuk And hate is a word that we very rarely use or at least try not to! It's just not allowed in my house. It is a constant battle to get him to brush his teeth! Normally I end up brushing them for him. pokpok Okay, so he may be a bit old (4) for Mommy to be brushing his teeth. At least this way I know they are getting clean. His idea of brushing his teeth was to brush his tongue, suck off the rest of the toothpaste, and spit it in the sink. That's it!

I had tried superhero and cartoon toothbrushes, toothbrushes that played music, and the battery powered kind that does most of the work for you! I thought I had tried them all. adus So when I heard about this toothbrush, I thought what the heck maybe this will finally work.garupale


Now, I'm not saying that this will work for every child. It won't, but... it worked for mine. When we received the toothbrushes and I told my son that we were going to review them, he just gave me one of those looks.
angkatkening And all mothers out there know what I'm talking about!! I didn't tell him what it did at that time, I just let him choose what color he wanted. He liked the fact that he would have a toothbrush that was actually red. Not pink pretending to be red. (He's also excited that there's a picture of his toothbrush on Mommy's blog.

An amazing thing happened though when it actually came time to brush his teeth. Once I
started the lights on the toothbrush, there was no fussing. I would say arguing, but it takes two to argue! Yeah, the first night I still brushed his teeth, but there wasn't a peep out of him!! When we got up in the morning, he actually brushed his own teeth without a complaint! Wow could this really be happening?!? Then later that morning, he came into the kitchen and asked if he could have his toothbrush. I was a bit skeptical Mothers of boys, and some girls, will understand! but, I let him get it. When I checked on him after a few minutes, he was actually brushing his teeth in the living room. Granted, no toothpaste, but still IMPRESSIVE! hah I wish I could say that he brushed happily ever after...but I can't. He brushes his teeth in the morning and I still brush them at night...At least there is no more fussing! And this way, I still know his teeth are being thoroughly cleaned.

If you have tried everything else and you still can't get your kid to brush his/her teeth...hey, it's a cool toothbrush and you can't beat the price!! (.99) As an adult, the head of the toothbrush is a tad small. And yes...I use one too. siul I was 'given' the pink one. But what can you expect, it is a child's toothbrush! The bristles, to me, are great. They are soft enough to not to scratch my gums, yet able to thoroughly clean my teeth. My son sometimes checks his teeth to see if they are squeaky clean. You know, rubbing your finger on your teeth to see if they squeak. They pass his test with this toothbrush. And believe it or not, that's with him brushing!

The other cool feature I really like about this toothbrush is it's lights. To a kid, the fact that it flashes is alone pleasing, but the lights are actually a timer too!
tepuktangan It will blink for one minute; a good amount of time for brushing teeth. If you have a non-cooperative brusher, it could show them when they are allowed to stop. If your child is a cooperative brusher, you could use it to tell them when to switch from their top teeth to their bottom and then when stop; You would just need to reactivate the lights. That sounded a bit confusing soal , but I'm sure everyone understands what I mean. The other feature with the lights is that the battery should die in about three months which is when you are supposed to get a new toothbrush. It's hard enough finding a toothbrush for 99 cents, let alone one that is also a timer, twice over! A toothbrush can't get much more ecOnomical than that!

On the other side, the one thing I don't appreciate is that if you throw it away and don't recycle're not only donating a toothbrush to a landfill, you're also donating a battery too. My advice, as always, recycle it!!!

So, my rating for this toothbrush is:
starstarstarstar (4 out of 5)

Now for some really awesome news!!!menari I have been given the honor of suppling one lucky reader a year's supply of Firefly toothbrushes for a family of four!!! If you're like my DH and don't want to use one yourself, being an adult jelir ...that just means more for your children. Now how great is that!?! sengihnampakgigi

Here are the details:

Contest begins Saturday, April 25 at 12:00am and ENDS on Saturday, May 2 at 12:00p

The winner will be posted (in the "GIVEAWAY WINNERS" on the right side of my blog) within in 24 hours.

Winner will also be notified either through blog or e-mail and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Time begins when I post the winner.
{Please remember, if you are using anonymous to comment, you MUST leave an e-mail address so I can contact you. I do NOT spam or sell your address!}

If the prize is not claimed within this time frame, a new winner will be chosen. NO exceptions.

Entries will be entered into and chosen by I have NOTHING to do with choosing the winner. I just really enjoy reading everyone's experiences.


Leave me a comment about your funniest teeth brushing experience. (This is required. If this step is not done, NO other entries will be counted!)
=10 entries

Leave me a comment about your best teeth brushing tip.
=5 entries

Follow my blog.
=5 entries

Follow me on Twitter (EcOnomicalMom)

Add my button to your blog.
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List and tally all of your entries in one comment.
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GOOD LUCK Everyone!!!
I can't wait to hear all the funny stories!!

How to make your refrigerator more energy efficient. (Step 4)

Another way to help your refrigerator to be more energy efficient is to make sure that everything is properly covered. Liquids, if containers aren't tightly sealed, will evaporate which makes the compressor work harder and then condense on the top of the fridge which will cause drips. sedih

The same holds true for food that you put in the fridge. Always make sure that the food containers are closed tightly and that the food has cooled down. If you place hot or very warm items in the fridge, that too can make your refrigerator work harder. Allowing food to cool before placing it in the fridge is an excellent idea, provided you don't let the food sit out at room temperature for too long!

So step #4 is:

Always make sure food and liquid containers are tightly sealed when in your fridge.

What's everyone doing on Arbor Day?

So, I just wanted to quickly ask...What's everyone doing for Arbor Day?

How did you celebrate Earth Day?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day! How did you spend your Earth Day? Horribly enough, I spent mine indoors. I did some cleaning and organized my poor laundry room. It was so cluttered with 'homeless' items, that you had to wade through to get to the washer and dryer. Not anymore though! You can now see the floor and everything found a home. Well, I guess I did manage to get my tomato seeds started!

The highlight of my day was my son. He normally is. All afternoon he was frantic because it was Earth Day and he kept insisting that we needed to go to the recycling center so he could recycle something...anything on Earth Day. (He's only 4!) He was too cute! I know, I probably should have taken him...

We did some recycling of our own though. We made our own planters!! I will share this wonderful tip later in May. Which by the way, during May I will be focusing mainly on gardening tips.

Have a good night everyone!

!!CLOSED!!S.H.O.P. Totes Earth Day LIVE Giveaway!!!! 9am to 9pm (EST)

HAPPY EARTH DAY Everyone!!sengihnampakgigi
In honor of this beautiful day, even though it's raining, I am proud to announce EcOnomical Mom's first LIVE giveaway!
Together with Calypso Studios, I am able to offer one lucky reader a set of beautiful S.H.O.P. Totes AND a piece of their wonderful jewelry!!

First let me tell you a bit about Calypso in case you haven't read my previous post... If you have not read it, please do. They are also having a wonderful Earth Day giveaway!

Studios first introduced the S.H.O.P. Totes ™ on January 1, 2009. The company together with American artists created these wonderful totes adorned with beautiful, stylish art. Start Helping Our Planet totes are an ecOnomical way to help save the environment.

Now for more exciting details. tepuktangan As I said, I am able to offer one lucky reader a set of S.H.O.P Totes (a $20 value). Just take a look at these wonderful, stylish designs.

The spacious bags are 17” x 19” when opened and easily roll up into a 2” x 3” size. Three bags are conveniently stored in an 8” x 6” wristlet carrying case. Calypso Studios S.H.O.P. Totes were also chosen as one of the celebrity giveaway swag bags at the Academy Awards in February. Celebrate Earth Day carrying the bag the celebrities use!
I'm very excited about this giveaway. sengihnampakgigi The S.H.O.P. Totes alone are wonderful, but...I am also proud to include a piece of Calypso Studio's beautiful jewelry. They have many different styles made with different materials. Their jewelry is very stylish and unique. You have to see their collection to really appreciate it. My little pictures don't do them justice.

On to the details of the contest...

Contest begins Wednesday, April 22 at 9:00am and ENDS on Wednesday, April 22 at 9:00pm. This is a live contest!

The winner will be announced at contest's end.

Winner will be notified either by blog or e-mail and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Time begins when I post the winner.

If the prize is not claimed within this time frame, a new winner will be chosen. NO exceptions.

Entries will be entered into and chosen by I have NOTHING to do with choosing the winner.


1) Visit Calypso Studios ...comment and tell me which Tote set is your favorite.
=1 entries

2)Leave me a comment telling me which piece of jewelry you like the best and second best. (The giveaway for the piece jewelry is to be valued between $15 and $45)
=1 entries

3)Follow my blog.
=1 entries

4)Add my button to your blog.
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5)Post about this giveaway on your blog. Please provide the link to your blog.( I will be randomly checking!!)
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5)If you don't have a blog... E-mail your family and friends the link to this giveaway. CC my e-mail address (If you don't CC my address, they will not count)
= 1 entries per e-mail

6)Twitter about this giveaway.(Please provide a link or your Twitter id.)
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7)Add this to your Facebook status
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This giveaway is a bit different from my others. You may comment as many times as you like. Please leave a comment for each entry. If you need to use anonymous, please leave your name and a way for me to contact you. Do not combine entries into one comment. Please comment for each entry. Thank you and let the contest begin!!

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