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Menu Plan for week 17 of '09

Good Morning all you lovely people!!senyum It's pouring down the rain...AGAIN! sedih And I'm trying to stay in a cheerful mood. I think I'm one of those people with 'seasonal' depression. My mood tends to plummet when it rains...especially when I have sooo much that I need to get done outside. Oh well...around
On the bright side, I'm actually getting my menu plan posted on Menu Plan Monday!!tepuktangan There were a few dinners from last week that I have moved to this week. And once again, my menu is very simple. Most of the dinners for this week are under 30 kind of meals!! There are a few slow cooker meals, but even they take me less than 30 minutes.

Now...on to my menu...

Dinner: Easy chicken bake


Dinner: New England Boiled Dinner (crockpot)

Dinner: Hearty Hashbrown Dinner
Dessert: garupale

Dinner: Pasta night

Lunch: Chicken nuggets & FF
Dinner: Fish fillets w/ w.rice and broccoli

Lunch: PB&J Sandwiches
Dinner: Left Overs Dinner

Lunch: Spaghetti O's
Dinner: Shredded Venison Sloppy Joes, FF, and mixed veggies.


Lisha said...

YUMMY and I love the new pic of you :)

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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