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EcOnomical (Eco-friendly) Entertainment... an Eeboo review

My EcOnomical tip for you today can help save you $$$ and bring your family closer together. Instead of spending over $25 just to get into the movies that's not including food or drinks, stay home and play board/card games with your children!

You will save yourself a tremendous amount of money by doing this. Most games out there cost less than $25 and you will be able to use them over and over and over again.

As a supporter of family game night, I am always looking for new, exciting, and educational games. When I first heard about Eeboo I was really excited! Eeboo is a company that makes their products out of recycled gray board and use soy based inks. {This is one of the first com
panies that I have found that acutally uses ec0-friendly materials and not just say that they do.

While browsing the Eeboo site, I found many, many exciting games and products for my family. After contacting Eeboo, I was sent their Fairytale game to review. First, let me remind everyone that I have an (almost) 5 year old boy. I was afraid that the Fairytale game would be a flop. To my suprise, he actually liked playing the Fairytale game. Granted, being a boy, he wasn't as excited with this game as he would have been with the others, but he will play it. {Eeboo also has lots of other exciting games and products that would be great for boys!}

The first thing I noticed when we received the game was the astonishing, vibrant illustrations. They use the original art of well-known and well-loved children's book illustrators.

After opening the game, we had to punch out the game pieces. At first glance, this seemed like a lot of waste to me. Luckily, we reuse and recycle. Instead of throwing the 'waste' away, I'm going to cut out the insides and keep the wonderfully illustrated border of the 'waste', add some magnets to the back, and have a fabulous refrigerator picture frame!

Once we had everything ready, J read the instructions which went something like this...

Spin for a Hero, and something to ride,
A Rival, a Treasure (to find or to hide)

Choose a cave, or a castle with fortified towers
A friend and an object with magical powers,

Get all of them first and you'll get the glory,
Of winning, and using them all in a story!

As we listened, XR played with the spinner. The spinner was the only other fault I have found with the Fairytale game. Excepting the fact that the game is geared more for girls. The actual spinner arrow is made out of clear plastic and is very hard to see. Other than that we had a marvelous time playing!! I think the best part is the end, when you get to take all of your items and create your own fairytale story. Or as my husband would rather call it...legend. XR's favorite part was trying to collect the Rivals. Boys will be boys no matter what you play!

Eeboo's Fairytale game is a fabulous board game that is not only fun, but makes your children use their minds too! We have spent hours of fun as a family playing this game. Thank you to Eeboo for sending us this game to review. If you would like to learn more or purchase the Fairytale ($16.95 + S/H with an option for gift wrapping!) or other Eeboo games, check out their website .

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