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TIPsy Tuesday Edition 19 ('09)

Good Morning wonderful blogosphereians! We are now in the hopefully soon gorgeous month of May. During this month, I will be concentrating on gardening tips. It's that time of year! Actually, it has been that time for awhile now. I'm just now getting in gear though. As always, your TIPsy Tuesday tips can be about anything... they don't need to be new either! Be EcOnomical with your through your old posts and see what you can reuse!

My tip for today...

Grow your garden vertically with pantyhose to save space!!

If you are limited on gardening space and who isn't you can use pantyhose to help you. If you like to grow melons of any kind, they eat up a lot of space in your garden. Growing them on a fence, trellis, or posts with strings attached in the middle will help you out tremendously! {Grow vertically, not horizontally!} One of the problems you will run into is the melon's weight. Once they get so big, they will pull themselves off of the plant. I have remedied this problem by using pantyhose to support the melons weight! I cut pieces of pantyhose and tie it around the melon and onto the fence. {Make sure you leave extra, so it can stretch.} As the they grow, the pantyhose will stretch with the melon without cutting into it! Growing melons vertically helps prevent flat or rotted spots on the melons too! Problem solved!

More tips on how to use pantyhose in your garden coming soon!


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