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Efficiently Mowing 101: How to Keep Your Mower Running Efficienly (part 3)

How to Keep Your Mower Running Efficiently (part 3)

Today I will give you some tips on what to do before you store your mower for the winter.

  • You will want to make sure that you have cleaned the entire mower. Including under the deck. Any grass clippings or dirt has the capability of causing scratches or rust during storage.

  • After cleaning the mower, allow it to sun dry. Don't put your mower away wet because that too could cause rust.

  • Add a gas additive to the tank to keep the environmental additives in the gasoline from breaking down and harming the engine parts. Then completely fill the tank. This will help to keep water from accumulating in your mower's gas tank.

  • I have read in our mower's manual that you should also spray some kind of oil into the carburetor to remove any gas in the lines. I'm not sure what this does. Maybe by removing the gas from the lines, it will keep from freezeing and bursting the lines? If anyone knows why this should be done or how it helps with efficiency, please let me know.


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