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Efficiently Mowing 101 {TIPsy Tuesday edition 25.}

Today begins EcOnomical Mom's Efficiently Mowing 101. This is a three part mini-series consisting of 'How to Keep Your Mower Running Efficiently' and 'How to Mow Efficiently'. Today I will be discussing the former.

How to Keep Your Mower Running Efficiently (part 1)

In order to keep your mower running efficiently, there are certain steps that you need to take. Even though we're already into Summer, I'll begin at the beginning! Before you begin mowing in the Spring you should follow these important steps...

  • After winter storage you should change all filters {air, gas, and oil} and the spark plug. After sitting all winter they may have become dirty or horribly enough chewed by mice. This will help ensure that your mower is running at top efficiency.

  • You will also want to lube any ports or area that need lubed. I can't tell you where or what to lube. I don't know much about doing this, except my husband insists that it needs done to keep the mower running efficiently.

Step two will be continued tomorrow. But right now, I would love to read any tips, tricks, or ideas that you have! It doesn't have to be new, dig deep through your archives! Due to too much spam being sent {it was almost all spam}, I am only accepting links through Mr. Linky. Provided that he works today!kenyit I can't wait to hear from you!


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