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TIPsy Tuesday edition 22.

Due to the 'tips' that have been trying to be submitted, I have removed TIPsy Tuesday from BlogCarnival. If you are coming from there, you will need to submit your tips through Mr. Linky or by adding your link in a comment. takbole**Please note that outrageous links will be deleted.**

Now that the unpleasantness has been dealt with...on to TIPsy Tuesday.

Yesterday in my menu plan, I gave two simple tips to save money while grocery shopping. Today I am continuing with that topic. Another great way to save money while grocery shopping is to...

MAKE A LIST... stick with it and don't forget to take it!

This is one of the biggest ways that I save $$$. On the horrible occasion that I get to the grocery store and find that I have forgotten my list, I end up over my budget. sedih The most horrible thing about this is I never get everything that I needed and always end up with items I didn't! Now admittedly on almost every trip I end up with items that weren't on my list!garupaleEspecially when XR or J comes shopping with me. Luckily, I have budgeted for this!!

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