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TIPsy Tuesday edition 23

Summer is here sort of, the weather is nice, and we would all rather be outside. So, I'll KISS this tip...

Use a mulching blade on your lawn mower.

Mulching the grass while you mow will save a lot of time and money!! If you mow often enough you won't need to rake the grass! (Saving time and your energy.) And there won't be any clumps of dead grass killing your growing lawn. Instead, the small pieces of cut grass will fall through to the dirt below and help fertilize it. (Saving $$$!)

What great summer tips do you have to share?

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Mama Jenn said...

Hmmm, good idea!!!

Mama Jenn said...

I take it a mulching blade is something different from just your regular lawn mower blade?!?!?!?!

Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

Yes. A mulching blade is made keeps the cut grass in the deck allowing the grass to be cut multiple times. With a regular blade, it only cuts once and then spits it out. A lot of mowers today come with mulching blades automatically. You can buy mulching blades for almost any old mower. However, some mower decks aren't made for mulching. So it would be pointless to get the mulching blades. I'm not sure how you can tell though!

Frantic Holly said...

I left you a blog award on my site.

oicned said...

Good day!

I added your site to my EC drop list ->

Click on the “Wind Turbine” icon and it will open other EcoFriendly sites including yours.

Have a nice day!

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