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Healthy Lunch Box Snacks...Today's Farm Freeze Dried Fruit (Giveaway)!

I would love to tell you how wonderful these snacks are, but... my son ate all four bags upon receiving them. Okay, to be truthful, he did give me one TINY piece from each bag. What I can tell you from those tiny pieces when I use the word tiny, I mean that he took a huge bit and then gave me what was left between his fingers tiny! is that they were packed with flavor and fabulous. It took Xr less then 5 minutes to finish all four bags! (Strawberry, Cinnamon Apple, Pineapple, and Peach) Needless to say, he had his full servings of fruit that day! The fact that he finished them off in such a short time is testimonial in itself!

Today's Farm Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks are wonderfully light and crispy. When you think of dried fruit, most of you are probably thinking of the leathery, chewy fruit that comes out of a food dehydrator. Not these snacks! Because they are freeze dried they are not exposed to the damaging heat. Instead they are exposed to super cold air that zaps out the moisture, but which leaves all the vitamins and minerals and flavor remaining in the fruit. That's why they print right on the bag has all the goodness of fresh fruit. They really do. One bag provides 1 1/2 to 2 servings of fruit!

Also because these fruit snacks are freeze dried, they are extremely light, virtually weightless. This makes them an outstanding snack to add to your child's lunch box! Since freeze dried fruit is constantly looking for moisture to rehydrate, they are packaged in quick to eat size packages, perfect for kids.

Hungry for some freeze dried fruit?? You can purchase them at Today's Farm or Amazon or enter here for a chance to win a Bag O' Gold.


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