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Calling all Super Parents and Super Readers...

Join in tomorrow (Friday, January 29th on your local PBS station) for a new kind of reading adventure...

 Whyatt , best known as Super Why,and his friends embark on a reading adventure in a new kind of book (my favorite kind of book)...a cookbook!

Whyatt wants to bake his little sister a special birthday cake - but he doesn't know how.  So Super Why and his friends soar into a new kind of book  - and get the information they need from a rhyming chef with a silly sense of humor as well as a recipe for fun!  In the end, Whyatt learns how to create the perfect birthday for Baby Joy.

As a parent, I have always loved PBS and their super fun, educational shows! And I am excited to help announce this wonderful new episode.In honor of this episode, here are some tips to help you cook up your very own yummy reading adventure.

Encouraging preschoolers to read recipes, signs and more helps them navigate their world and gives them a real reason to use their new-found literacy skills.  Asking questions will expand their creativity as well as reinforce comprehension.  It can also inspire them to write their own signs, recipes or stories! 

*        Pick out a simple and tasty recipe with your budding Super Reader.  Ask them to point out all of the letters and words they already know in the ingredients

*        Write a grocery list together, sounding out the words as you go along

*        At the supermarket, have your kids help read the signs so you can find the ingredients you need

*        As you cook, read the recipe out loud every step of the way

*        Before serving your delicious treat, create colorful place cards for each member of the family, assisting your preschooler in writing out the names.  Have fun – and bon appetite!

Each episode of Super WHY, the award-winning literacy series from Out of the Blue Enterprises, engages young viewers in fun, interactive alphabet and word games, as well as imagination-stimulating spelling, vocabulary and comprehension activities, helping to instill a life-long love of reading all along the way!

If you would like learn more about PBS and their wonderful shows, please check out their links below. (This is not a paid advertisement, I just love and support PBS.)

PBS for Kids
PBS for Parents & Teachers (there's a LOT of good information here!)

Here's some of my son's favorites: (I list only his favorite favorites as he likes to say. He likes all the shows.)
Curious George
Word Girl
Word World

Menu Planning Monday Returns!!!

Hello again blogoshpere! I've missed you tremendously, but I choose not to dwell in the past. There will be changes happening here at EcOnomical Mom. Most will be subtle and go unnoticed. However, if you do notice a problem, e.g. a broken link, please contact me! I will try to get it fixed asap. Any comments, concerns, or questions are welcome also. Please feel free to contact me. I'm glad to be back!

Menu planning is one of the constants in my life. I've revamped my menu plans. Now that my son is in kindergarten and involved in other activites, I have simplified my plan. There are four constants... Tuesday is pizza night, Wednesday is crockpot night, Thursday is pasta night, and Saturday is Left Over's Lunch day! Taking the guess work out of these days has not only simplified my planning method, it considerably cut down on time spent planning! This week is a very busy week; all of my meals are very simple and time friendly. Without further ado...on to the menu plan...

Dinner: Chili w/white cornbread bake.
Dinner: (Pizza Night) BBQ Chicken Pizza
Dinner: (Crock Pot Night) New England Boiled Dinner
Dinner: (Pasta Night) Kid's choice.
Dinner: Breaded fish filets, rice, and cauliflower.
Lunch: Left Over's Lunch
Dinner: Mexican Skillet Meal
Lunch: Mac & Dogs
Dinner: Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes, eggs, bacon)

Thank you for stopping by EcOnomical Mom! I have returned!

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